LFP 5800-4800N

Chicago Lakefront Path Inline Skating Map 5800N-4800N.
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5800N - Ardmore:
The start of the path! There's an official 18.5 mile marker sign a little ways down, seems the city thinks of Ardmore as the END of the path. Kathy Osterman park? Heavy traffic at Sheridan, but good pavement once one passes through the grand entry gates.
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Surf the City's Lakefront Path Map.

5700N - Hollywood:
This stretch is one of these reasons I keep living at this end of town. I like to jump between the levels here. This shore path is quite broad, but pitted in spots. There is good art painted and carved on many of these rocks. In addition to this shore path, there is an upper path, a gravel path, and a main paved path. The water is less than ten few feet deep, and sometimes one can see the bottom. where there are fish, and occasional clusters of huge cubicle boulders. A great place to watch the sunrise. This shore path is too too dark for night blading, and there are homeless sleeping on the some benches, but the paved path is well lit. At the end of Hollywood beach is a pier. One can blade to the end, but sometimes there are couples fooling around there. The shore path ends at the pier where the beach begins.
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The park area is good for picnics and I understand that this particular beach is gay friendly. The Sheridan/Hollywood crossing is funny, a dozen total traffic lanes. Laugh at the tense car monkeys.

5600N - Bryn Mawr:

5300N - Berwyn:
The shore path bends here to wrap around the beach. The crowd here is very mixed and neighborly, full of kids, teens, elders, volleyball and international flavor. The path is quite broad and fairly long; a good stunt run. Berwyn is a great third easy entry point to the path (Hollywood is first, then BrynMawr). There is an underpass from Sheridan ending at a fountain leading here.
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Surf the neighborhood Chamber of Commerce web site.

5250N - Farragut:
At the end of this path is a beach house with concessions and bathrooms and showers. The shore here changes to large stone steps. The beach path and paved path merge. Watch for bikes.
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5200N - Foster:
At the South end of Foster beach one finally must cross a street. For non-bladers, this street leads to parking and recreation areas.
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5100N - Carmen:
More beautiful smooth peaceful path and park. I like to do this long smooth stretch blading backwards.
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5000N - Argyle:
More beautiful smooth peaceful path and park. I sometimes try to use the benches for stunts, like a grind or jump up.
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4900N - Ainslie:
More beautiful smooth peaceful path and park. Sometimes soccer games.
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4800N - Lawrence:
Cars are bad here, coming and going from the recreation areas, sometimes drunk. Watch out. The ramp on the south side is pretty good for a little jump.
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Visit the Rainbo Sports Shop, 773/275-5500, 4836 N Clark (just a few blocks West on Lawrence), and the Rainbo USA roller rink, 773/271-6200, 4836 N Clark.
Visit the St. Boniface Cemetery, 773/561-2790, 4901 N Clark, and the good resale shop.
Visit the Aragon Ballroom, 773/561-9500, 1106 W Lawrence, and the Riviera, 312/275-6800, 4647 N Racine. Note: This neighborhood and North is something of a second China Town.