LFP 3200-2200N

Chicago Lakefront Path Inline Skating Map 3200N-2200N.
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3200N - Belmont:
Boat parking, coming up on the yacht club building. Weird stretch here, rough pavement adjacent to busy Belmont underpass. Watch the intersection. It's a rough mile, but one can skate up here to cool shopping.
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Visit the Chicago Yacht Club, 300 W Belmont, 773/477-6951.

3100N - Barry:
This snack stand is the best! Pretzels, smoothies and a fountain. The parking lot is reasonably good for freestyling.
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3000N - Wellington:
Path reopens into good smooth long stretch. Gentle incline gets hard after a while, keep the power on. Interesting brownish park here, shore is stone.
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2800N - Diversey:
This area has received city attention. New pedestrian paths, bike racks, statues, and a good fountain (take a break after that last stretch). The side path drops down to the lovely harbor inlet. That underpass leads after a while to Diversey and Lincoln Park. The little bridge here though is like three feet wide.
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Surf the City's Driving Range web page.

2700N - Wrightwood:
When there's no traffic I rocket around this downhill S curve. Coming out of the curve the skyline finally just burst into view. This stretch is a little narrow but so beautiful. Tree lined (careful in autumn). Above is a bike path and park area, below a broad sloped rougher surface. I do stunts against the stone ledges and jump between levels. Warning: at night this is the only stretch of path that is not lit.
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2400N - Fullerton:
Wow! The path leads up here to a park building with swing dancing, food, and theatre through summer. A lower path wraps calmly around the point. Lots of trees, Lincoln Parkers, dogs and sun bathing. The paths rejoin at Fullerton, the most popular fountain on the path. There's benches and a snack stand I've never seen open. Many human animals congregate at this watering hole in a temporary uneasy peace.
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Surf the Park District's Theater On The Lake web page.
Visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, 773/742-2000, 2200 N Cannon.
Visit the Chicago Academy of Sciences (773/549-0606, 2060 N Clark) and Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (773/549-0606, 2430 N Cannon).

2300N - Belden:
Take advantage of the hill leading off Fullerton to reach top speed. You'll need it for this next long flat windy family filled stretch past one of the few public bathrooms. This is volleyball central, where the pro games are held, pier after pier.
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Visit the gardens and rookery on foot.
Surf the City's Lincoln Park Conservatory web page.

2200N - Webster:
North Avenue beach just goes on and on. Near the end a new health club facility off the path includes outdoor equipment and blade hockey in summer.
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