Break The Gridlock
Andrew is a board of directors member for Chicago's leading charitable organization (501c3) promoting "appropriate" transportation.
Appointment announcement cross post:
I am beyond pleased, flattered, humbled, and challenged, to have been selected to the Board of Directors of Chicago's "Break The Gridlock", a 501(c)3 organization "dedicated to promoting appropriate transportation through the support of grass roots efforts."

As a known local "alternative transportation activist" I've been aware of Break the Gridlock's (BTG) participation in such issues for years. I've briefly summarized BTG as a non-commercial version of BikeFed (now ATA, of which I'm also a member). When a call for applicant's appeared, I figured if not me then who, and gave it a shot.
My reply was fairly brief, making simple reference to my well known body of work including Chicago Naked Ride production, heavy Critical Mass Involvement, many years of skater advocacy, and finally my "The Future is Low-Car" speech at the College of Complexes early this year. I was also practical, describing a specific future project I've been planning which I proposed could benefit from the added "gravitas" a BtG title would give me. Further it could be argued that I was already doing BtG BoD work in many areas, but now they've made it official. Reviewing the board, they are all well known to me, individuals I've worked with before and respect.

I myself am just undertaking learning what this mean, so not much to detail to tell yet. But I'd hope those who know me well know I take duty and the future seriously. BtG and Chicago can expect me to address this responsibility with the best of my hard-earned specialized skills, attention to issues and details, enthusiastic listening, creative flexibility, and aggressive but egoless facilitation that are my hallmarks.

Break The Gridlock