The Future Is Low Car

Andrew's speech on the inevitable low-car future.

Andrew had the extraordinary privilege of being the speaker for "College of Complexes" 3000th session!!! A weekly gathering "for People Who Think" since 1951.
Spent some 30hrs over barely three days writing and reworking. Forced me to finally get some hard statistics, review major reports, and think more broadly. It runs just about a half hour.
It was well received. The hours of smart questions and rebuttals were intensely interesting, and I've fed them back into the current revision. It's a fairly strong piece of work if I do say so myself.

This was at least my fourth time attending a session. I do feel they are one of the few actual "Salons" in existence locally today. My first time was for the 50th anniversary, some seven years ago. Charles Paidock is a good guy.
Strangely, at least four out of 60 some people there (discouragingly frigid night) have BEEN in a Chicago Naked Ride! And that's not just because of this session's subject, just an overlap. One as press, two I remember, and Ho3ard (thanx buddy!). Met Bob Matter, and dude with transit/politico/funding savvy and Daley questions, contact me!

Just days later also finished and released a How To Create and Run a World Naked Bike Ride Guide to the WNBR coordinators community and public. Extremely detailed, down to scheduling targets, supporting documents, and automated translations. Built on years of experience, only one I know of, could become de facto standard, major boost to spreading the meme.

Speech presented at "College of Complexes", a weekly gathering "for People Who Think" (since 1951).
"Structured weekly free speech forum with quality lecturers and good American food and bar."
Saturday January 17th 2009, 3000th session!
Andrew Bedno speaking on: "Bicycling, Transportation Equity and Prospects of a Car-Free City".