I Love My BMX

Schwinn "Matic" Freestyle BMX
Circa 2003, black, four buddy pegs, purchased 2012.09.08 at the Lakewood/Balmoral yardsale, serial # A0362114
UPDATE: Passed along in 2014 to a totally worthy recipient, a wonderful young woman maybe new to cycling and exactly the right size.

Formerly also owned GT/Dyno "Air", 1997 BMX, chrome colored, welded Chromoly, made in USA, single speed 43:16 (2.69), 20"x1.75" GT LP III tires. Purchased on 2012.03.17 from Nearly New Bikes, about $290, serial # YC97L00841. Later sold to a neighbor for his teen for $120 over Craigs list on a pre-move downsizing.

I Love My BMX