I Love My Folder

Vintage Italian
I just happily bought an old folding bike at a neighborhood sale. It's single speed, 20", dual brakes, generator lights, Italian, vintage. Front tire marked Pirelli, headset marked Guizzardi. Slight variations were reportedly sold under several names including Cinzia, Hyda-Bike, Barbarellas, Safari, Bianchi. This particular model was custom built for "K.T.C. in Alsip" and most closely resembles a 1969 Cinzia Elite.

I rode it home and it felt mostly great. Needs just a little love. I'll probably remove the electricals, and maybe the rusty chainguard, and the back brake cable is seized, and may replace the seat, and add a new front light and rear reflector, and oil, and straighten the pedals, and measure it for a carrying case...

Later notes:
Have serviced to satisfaction. Replaced torn old seat. Removed bent/rusted front fender. Removed broken generator, wires and lamp mount, and added an LED headlight. Disassembled and serviced both brakes and cables. Aligned wheels and checked pressure (rear only marked "45-55psi"). WD-40'd seat and stem tubes and fold join. Straightened chainguard, oiled all. She's set to go. Gotta say though, even maximally collapsed she's ungainly, and weighs 31lbs.
I'll leave the chainguard for now. But the electrics can go. So if I'm already not retaining it's original character, I'd still think to strip fenders and a brake, as it is quite heavy, and those parts are rickety. With all features restored this bike could fetch $200. As is, I may as well make it my own. Needs a name...
Acquisition story: Great example of modern social messaging working, walked just 8 blocks down my street to a group home bike sale on Spencer's e-advice. Damn, now I'm indebted providing bike doesn't suck. So he's there, goes check it out only $30, but soon guy says wanted $50. My imaginary girlfriend nagged don't I have enough bikes already, and we settled in the middle. Rode it home with much delight.

For the record: K.T.C. in Alsip, 1969 Italian, folding single speed bike, light blue, 20" Pirelli tires, Guizzardi headset, purchased on 2009.10.13 at an Uptown yardsale, no discernible serial #.

I Love My Folder