Thanx from the skaters.

Critical Mass keeps inline skaters safe.
Hey Massers, writing to again express my love of CCM.
It was an unparalleled blast as always, one of the highlights of my every month.
Many of you know me, Andrew Bedno of WNBR-C fame, as one of the few inline skaters who routinely join the mass.
I wanted to take a moment to give props to Rob, the one other blader who has also done the full ride with us a number of times.
On behalf of the few (but which must inevitably grow) skaters who join the mass, thanx for your tolerance and acceptance. As a "good" skater, I cringe at being on some bicyclists'' list of lakefront path obstacles, and encourage you to see us as fellow front-line anti-car soldiers. Sorry if my strokes and slaloms were wider than usual, but I don't remember being a navigational hazard to anyone.

Here's my diary entry/blog for the event:

Showing foolhardy commitment (having a tooth pulled the next morning), I went to Critical Mass despite being on a mix of Naproxen, Tylenol, T3(codeine), and Scotch. Greeted many dear friends, responding to the typical "how are you" with "I'm on a medley of pain killers" which lead to recreational versus health uses discussion. A Travel Channel crew came, liaisoned with Steven, as part of a Chicago as bicyclist travel destination story. Rat Patrol was having a bake sale. Katy joined the mass for her first time ever! Even old family friend Emily Alexander appeared, in a pretty but impractical dress. Howard's music trailer playlist was excellent good deep techo/d&b, I often trailed it to skate dance. Annie says she has the originals of the Aurora WNBR logo art. OH EXCELLENT! I didn't know she went back that far with WNBR-C, I must know her better.

The mass was so big I actually managed to stop at a DQ, buy a slushee, and rejoin still in progress. As usual, I repeatedly gradually ascended through the pack then dropped back, seeing the mass some three times head to toe. Reasonable guestimate would be around 2000 riders.
Ultimately, the route was sometimes on map, and sometimes may have grossly strayed, covered (very rough Google Earth estimate) about 20 miles in a few huge lobes, over bridges, dissolving near the Shedd. Police actively chaperoned with a high level of accuracy (even possible helicopter support), ever-present in changing vehicle types, helping at intersections, and disrupting only a few times that I saw.

I skated home for a one day total nearing 30 miles, not my record. I loose over 2 pounds on an average Critical Mass, and so get to carb up beforehand. The other skater Rob again also did the whole ride and more (with a heavy pack); we both deserve and get big kudos. En-route we two often get spectator heckles "where's you bike" which get replied "where's yours?"