Bike Sound

Links and notes related to sharing a soundtrack between bicycles carrying speakers on group rides and ad hoc events.

After literally decades of thought and exploration of solutions* for sharing a soundtrack between bicyclists carrying speakers on group rides, and for ad-hoc static use such as group ride end parties, "SKAA" devices are my current best suggestion as a standard most likely to reach critical mass among bicyclists. SKAA is a new protocol using 5.3GHz radio and custom integrated circuits to achieve great distances (500 meters?!?) at high bitrates. A range of devices are available, and it's built in to some speakers. The primary limit being four receivers per transmitter (but possible max of five transmitters), and high cost (~$100) per receiver.

* Internet streaming solutions with live upload, silent disco systems, cordless guitar system, mobile FM radio broadcasting, college radio simulcast, synchronized MP3 player startup, Spotify co-listen paid feature, infrared, JBL proprietary, UE3 proprietary, Arduinos...