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2018.11.02 (wk1111)

2018.10.26 (wk1110)
Pledge Break

2018.10.19 (wk1109)
Be afraid, be very afraid.

2018.10.12 (wk1108)
Hear all, trust nothing.

2018.10.05 (wk1107)
Be seeing you.

2018.09.28 (wk1106)
I'm with her.

2018.09.21 (wk1105)
Work makes freedom.

2018.09.14 (wk1104)
Safe journey.

2018.09.07 (wk1103)
You may already be a member.

2018.08.31 (wk1102)
You'll never be younger.

2018.08.24 (wk1101)
It was better next year.

2018.08.17 (wk1100)
No tolerance for intolerance.

2018.08.10 (wk1099)
Just getting warmed up.

2018.08.03 (wk1098)
Easier done than said.

2018.07.27 (wk1097)
The wheels of justice turn slowly...

2018.07.20 (wk1096)
Never too old to change.

2018.07.13 (wk1095)
Stay hydrated.

2018.07.06 (wk1094)
Play on!

2018.06.29 (wk1093)
Do great things.

2018.06.22 (wk1092)
My favorite color is rainbow!

2018.06.15 (wk1091)
Tell me your stories.

2018.06.08 (wk1090)
Less gas, more ass.

2018.06.01 (wk1089)
Be better.

2018.05.25 (wk1088)
Freedom ain't free.

2018.05.18 (wk1087)
Empty vessels make the most noise.

2018.05.11 (wk1086)
Silly humans.

2018.05.04 (wk1085)
Choose your battles.

2018.04.27 (wk1084)
Welcome change.

2018.04.20 (wk1083)
Fail better.

2018.04.13 (wk1082)
That's the joke.

2018.04.06 (wk1081)
Go home winter, you're drunk.

2018.03.30 (wk1080)
I leave you my dream.

2018.03.23 (wk1079)
Every head is a world.

2018.03.16 (wk1078)
I'd like to swing on a star.

2018.03.09 (wk1077)

2018.03.02 (wk1076)
Be proactive.

2018.02.23 (wk1075)
Listen twice.

2018.02.16 (wk1074)
There's always a bigger fish.

2018.02.09 (wk1073)
Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

2018.02.02 (wk1072)
Emotional support peacock.

2018.01.26 (wk1071)
Underpromise and overdeliver.

2018.01.19 (wk1070)
Women always figure out the truth. Always.

2018.01.12 (wk1069)
I have a bad feeling about this.

2018.01.05 (wk1068)
What a time to be alive.

2017.12.29 (wk1067)
Never tell me the odds!

2017.12.22 (wk1066)
Christ was a socialist.

2017.12.15 (wk1065)
Fulfill your destiny.

2017.12.08 (wk1064)
Praying for miracles...

2017.12.01 (wk1063)

2017.11.24 (wk1062)
It's later than you think.

2017.11.17 (wk1061)
Always be your better self.

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