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2017.11.10 (wk1060)
No time but now.

2017.11.03 (wk1059)
Treason Season

2017.10.27 (wk1058)
Don't apologize for excellence.

2017.10.20 (wk1057)
It's not your fault.

2017.10.13 (wk1056)
Let the good times roll.

2017.10.06 (wk1055)
All jobs are temporary.

2017.09.29 (wk1054)

2017.09.22 (wk1053)
Put the phone down.

2017.09.15 (wk1052)
Nothing but blue skies.

2017.09.08 (wk1051)
Don't mellow my harsh.

2017.09.01 (wk1050)
Not all who wander are lost.

2017.08.25 (wk1049)
You might die.

2017.08.18 (wk1048)
You'll never be the same.

2017.08.11 (wk1047)
Come as you are.

2017.08.04 (wk1046)
Safety third.

2017.07.28 (wk1045)
Sharp edges have consequences.

2017.07.21 (wk1044)
Don't hold back.

2017.07.14 (wk1043)
The best things in life are free.

2017.07.07 (wk1042)
Your past is just a story.

2017.06.30 (wk1041)
Monarchies are soooooo 18th century.

2017.06.23 (wk1040)
You get what you need.

2017.06.16 (wk1039)
I selfie therefore I am.

2017.06.09 (wk1038)
Not all heroes wear pants.

2017.06.02 (wk1037)
There is no planet B.

2017.05.26 (wk1036)
Not one more.

2017.05.19 (wk1035)
A bell cannot be unrung.

2017.05.12 (wk1034)
The unbroken thread.

2017.05.05 (wk1033)
No unnecessary risks.

2017.04.28 (wk1032)
Life is forever.

2017.04.21 (wk1031)
Don't take the first offer.

2017.04.14 (wk1030)
Relax. Nothing is under control.

2017.04.07 (wk1029)
Do more with less.

2017.03.31 (wk1028)
No change without change.

2017.03.24 (wk1027)
How did we get here?

2017.03.17 (wk1026)
Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party!"

2017.03.10 (wk1025)
Booze is proof that God loves us.

2017.03.03 (wk1024)
Truth is the first casualty of war.

2017.02.24 (wk1023)
What could possibly go wrong?

2017.02.17 (wk1022)
Hanging up my cape.

2017.02.10 (wk1021)
I've seen the promised land.

2017.02.03 (wk1020)
Stronger Together

2017.01.27 (wk1019)
Resistance is not futile.

2017.01.20 (wk1018)
This is what democracy looks like.

2017.01.13 (wk1017)
There's always a catch.

2017.01.06 (wk1016)
One step back.

2016.12.30 (wk1015)
DIE 2016, DIE

2016.12.23 (wk1014)
Hug your loved ones extra tight.

2016.12.16 (wk1013)
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

2016.12.09 (wk1012)
Winter is coming.

2016.12.02 (wk1011)
Tell me something I don't know.

2016.11.25 (wk1010)
¡Viva la Revolución!

2016.11.18 (wk1009)
Buckle up.

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