Burning Man Webcast
"Camp Envy" is everyone who's watching Burning Man from afar.

This page attempts to combine the live video broadcast with "BMIR" (Burningman Radio) for audio by simply embedding players for both streams on one page. This works around the issue where the video cannot include audio from "Burningman Radio" (or even live Playa sounds) due to possible content permissions issues on YouTube.

Both streams should autoplay within seconds but sometimes may not. If not simply quickly click play on either to maintain synchronization. The video may include chatter related to what's on camera but is otherwise mostly quiet. One may mute or level adjust either feed separately.

2019 Man Burn is Saturday August 31st after 8pm NV time (2hrs later in Chicago).
2019 Temple Burn is Sunday September 1nd after 8pm NV time (2hrs later in Chicago).