Bike Winter Clothing
Dressing for biking in Chicago in winter.
  • Head:
    • Balaclava.
    • Goggles, sealed, ski.
    • Knit cap.
    • Scarf, wrap, tube.
    • Ear wrap, muffs.
    • Hood, closing.
    • Visor cap.
  • Hands:
    • Thermal inner glove.
    • Weatherized outer glove.
    • Scrap glove.
    • Mitten.
    • Specialized.
  • Torso:
    • Inner thermal:
      Synthetic wicking thermal.
      Tank, tee, turtle.
    • Middle insulating:
      Light sweater, zippered.
      Hoodie. Sweatshirt.
    • Outer weather:
      Windproof and waterproof jacket (shell), zippered.
      Hooded? Convertible? Insulated?
      Safety colored?
  • Legs:
    • Inner thermal:
      Synthetic wicking thermal long.
    • Middle insulating:
      Sweats. Cotton, ...
    • Outer weather:
      Windproof and waterproof shell.
      Insulated? Snow pant?
      Safety colored?
  • Feet:
    • Inner thermal:
      Specialized synthetic.
    • Outer insulating:
      Thick wool, specialized synthetic.
    • Boots:
      Insulated, waterproof, tall, non-laced.
  • Weatherization of outer jacket/pants is key due to wind/rain locally and due to velocity.
    Light but impervious matters more than insulation. Mix presence and types of thermal/insulation/weather layers as needed for conditions.

    A bottom line I've found is that one needs two (or more) of main items, because one must constantly be washing the other cycle. Over a few hours activity a cyclist wiill drench a Balaclava. Thrifty, Dressing.

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