General pirate vocabulary:
Ahoy. Avast.
Aye. Aye Aye.
Arrrrr, yarrr, harr.
Hi ho. Yo-Ho
Me = My
cap'n, squire, jim lad
scurvy dog, bilge rat, land lubber
me hearty
wench/beauty/lass: bonnie, proud, buxom,
saucy, foul, sharp tounged, loose-lipped.
be, bin, gunna be
timbers, briches
mizzen mast, yardarm, port, starboard, bow, stern
booty, treasure, dubloons
grog, rum
keel haul
Avast ye scurvy scum / salty sea dog.
Pillage her loins.
Treasure acquisition and redistribution specialist.
Aye me hearty, how be the wind.
Ahoy me Jim lad, tis a fine day fer a party, ripe for cake.

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