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Shakespeare's Best at Various City Parks. - Thursday 2017.08.17

Thursday 2017.08.17
Shakespeare's Best (since 2012). -2017.08.27 Yearly. All ages. Free.
We 08.16: Garfield Park, 100 N Central Park Ave, 6:30pm
Th 08.17: Dvorak Park, 1119 W Cullerton St, 6:30pm
Fr 08.18: Ridge Park, 1817 W 96th St, 6:30pm
Sa 08.19: Ridge Park, 1817 W 96th St, 6:30pm
Su 08.20: Steelworkers Park, E 87th St. at Lake Michigan, 4pm
We 08.23: Hamilton Park, 513 W 72nd St, 6:30pm
Th 08.24: Piotrowski Park, 4247 W 31st St, 6:30pm.
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