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Fun Bands at the Beer Garden nightly at Navy Pier. - Seasonal

Fun Bands at the Beer Garden nightly. All ages. Free.
Fr 07.21: Rendition and Guest 5:30-11:30pm.
Sa 07.22: Dr. Bombay and Guests (W/ Breezy Rodio and The Strapping Owls) 2-11:30pm.
Su 07.23: Old Town School Of Folk Brother El & The Present Elders and Lindsay & The Lights Go Out 2-8pm.
We 07.26: Jamiah Rogers and Joanna Connor 5:15-9:30pm.
Th 07.27: Pier Dance The Little Queens and Tina Go-go 7-9pm.
Navy Pier, 312/595-7437 (PIER), 600 E Grand. Miller Beer Garden at the Tip. MAP PHOTOS FIND EVENTS INFO SHARE

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