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Thursday 2018.01.18
Sketch Comedy Fest at Stage 773.
6:30p Sandra Antongiorgi at City Winery.
8:00p Michelle L'Amour's show at Untitled.

Friday 2018.01.19
10:00p Blacklight Blackout at Exit.
10:00p Cosmix at Berlin.

Saturday 2018.01.20
Start of Aquarius.
11:00a Polar Bear Plunge at Oak Street Beach.
6:00p College of Complexes at Dappers East Restaurant.
9:30p "Twisted" at Berlin.
10:00p Kiss Kiss Cabaret at Uptown Underground.
10:30p Vaudezilla! at Stage 773.

Sunday 2018.01.21
11:00a Vintage Garage.
7:00p New cartoons on FOX.
7:00p Star Trek: Discovery at CBS Streaming Only?!?
10:00p "Adult Swim" on TOON.

Monday 2018.01.22
10:00p Pron and Chicken Dance Party at The Mid.

Tuesday 2018.01.23
6:00p Chi Hack Night at 1871.
9:00p Proper Drum&Bass at Debonair Social Club.

Wednesday 2018.01.24

Thursday 2018.01.25
6:00p Atomic Sketch Event at Green Eye Lounge.

Friday 2018.01.26
5:45p Critical Mass at Daley Plaza.
6:00p * B-Movie Fest at McCormick Auditorium.
8:00p * Acrobatica Infiniti Circus at Uptown Underground.

Sunday 2018.01.28
7:00p Grammy Awards at WBBM / CBS.

Tuesday 2018.01.30
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Birthday.

Wednesday 2018.01.31
7:30a * Blue Super Full "Snow" Moon Eclipse.

Friday 2018.02.02
Groundhogs Day.
5:45p Southside Critical Mass at Nichols Park Plaza.

Sunday 2018.02.04
11:00a * Winter Bike Swap at Jaks Tap Restaurant Bar.
10:00p Madonnarama at Berlin.

Monday 2018.02.05
1:00p * Chinese New Years Parade at Chinatown.
5:00p Superbowl.

Wednesday 2018.02.07
9:00p Movieoke at Whistler.
10:00p "In One Ear" at Heartland Cafe.

Wednesday 2018.02.14
* Valentine's Day.

Ice Skating.

Now playing at Theaters Everywhere.
Rhinoceros Theater Festival at Prop Theatre.
WAY too much great theater and comedy and dance to cover at Hundreds of city locations.
11:30p * Nocturna at Metro.

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