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Tuesday 2019.01.22
Ice Skating.
6:00p Chi Hack Night at 1871.

Wednesday 2019.01.23
9:00p South Park new episode on COM.

Friday 2019.01.25
5:45p Critical Mass at Daley Plaza.
9:00p Cosmix at Berlin.

Saturday 2019.01.26
6:00p B-Movie Fest at McCormick Auditorium.
6:00p College of Complexes at Dappers East Restaurant.
9:30p "Twisted" at Berlin.
10:30p Vaudezilla! at Stage 773.

Sunday 2019.01.27
6:00p New cartoons on FOX.
10:00p Bittersweet at Berlin.

Monday 2019.01.28

Now playing at Theaters Everywhere.
Rhinoceros Theater Festival at Prop Theatre.
WAY too much great theater and comedy and dance to cover at Hundreds of city locations.