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Fights computer addiction.

  Getalife is a software program which FIGHTS COMPUTER ADDICTION. Using graphics and insults it tries to keep the user away from the LIFE-SUCKING MACHINE for any desired period of time.

Totally harmless.

  Getalife is TOTALLY HARMLESS and can even demo without installing.

Runs on most PCs.

  Getalife comes on an attractive fluorescent 3.5" floppy disk and runs on any Win 95, Win 98, Win 3.x or DOS system.

Just $19.95

  Getalife is just $19.95 (+$1.99 s/h, +sales tax on IL deliveries) and ships by First Class mail.

Makes a perfect gift.


  • Getalife is a top quality, menu driven, graphical computer program. It works on any Win 95, Win 98, Win 3.x or DOS system. Installation takes under a minute. It copies just one file and inserts an autoexec line. From the menu one can configure duration, see a demo, or uninstall. It's that easy!

  • Getalife comes on a clear fluorescently colored 3.5" floppy disk and gets to you (or the gift recipient address you specify) in just days by First Class U.S. mail.

  • Getalife protects people from a computer for any desired period of time, from an hour to a month. During that time if started the machine will pause at a thoughtful set of motivational screen savers including fractals and verbs. Seriously addicted users can override this to use the computer (and optionally cancel the protection) by simply accepting over one hundred insults, scoldings, reflections and other painstakingly written de-affirmations. If some crazy nerd junkie spastically button punches in a cyber-dementia fueled panic frenzy and doesn't actually read anything, they can race through this in only a few minutes. Better people will read these randomly chosen humourous jabs, and reconsider their need to use the computer just then.

  • Getalife is both good fun and real treatment. Buy one now for a friend or for yourself NOW!

Some sample screens:

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Some sample heckling:
It's OK to be a big loser, but you're overdoing it.

You need some exercise, and typing doesn't count.

To call you a disappointment would be to insult disappointments.

Step away from the computer!

The sad thing is, you don't have anything better to do.