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Getalife(tm)      AS POSITIVELY PROFILED IN Newsweek
and London Free Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, BBC Radio and others!

Computer widowed? Friends addicted?? Coworkers losing it???
Getalife is the answer!

Dateless? Overweight?? Going nuts???
Getalife is the answer!

Closets disorganized? Need a vacation??
Getalife is the answer!

Seeking the meaning of life???
Getalife is the answer!

Getalife is a software program that FIGHTS COMPUTER ADDICTION by humorously trying to keep the user away from the computer for any desired period of time.

In case of emergency or loss of will power Getalife can be overridden, but not before the user is ASSAULTED WITH INSULTS to encourage temporary abstinence from the LIFE-SUCKING MACHINE.

Getalife is the perfect gift for you know who!
YES! YES! Send me one now!
Fun and totally harmless, Win98/95/3.x/DOS compatible, installs/uninstalls/demos in seconds, just $19.95 (+$1.99 s/h, +sales tax on IL deliveries), shipped on 3.5" floppy by First Class mail. AND In case you're not paying attention, this page is part of the Hyper-Resumé of Andrew Bedno and is NOT ACTUALLY PROCESSING ORDERS.
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