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"Interactive" CD-ROM Game
by the artist formerly known as Prince

VISIONARY 2000 is pleased to offer the publisher's last inventory of the CD-ROM game by the artist formerly known as Prince!

Originally released in 1994, the game is an awesome work of art, ranked among the all time best of CD-ROM computer games. It installs easily and runs under both Windows 3.x and 95. A must have for the serious fan!

One explores a fantasy home in the shape of the artist's symbol. Solve several simple puzzles to collect the pieces of his symbol to see a special final exclusive video. All scenes are beautifully fully rendered (see the pictures page). There are hundreds of music samples, video clips, and interactive objects. Many objects provide history of the artist's life, music, albums, posters and friends. There are several mini games such as working mixing console and DJ deck. There are several full music videos and background soundtrack by The Artist.

As an added bonus, this distribution comes with two additional great games free; Rock, Rap & Reggae, and PC Kareokee.

All sold out.

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