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"Interactive" CD-ROM Game
by the artist formerly known as Prince

Considerable hours were spent in research prior to purchasing this inventory of the game to confirm with a high degree of certainty that this is the last substantial quantity available.

I realized the publisher was treating this like just another miscellaneous computer game, so I tried to do a good thing for fellow fans of The Artist by bringing them to the right audience at a good price. If you are a fan and do not yet have the game this is a great (and possibly last) opportunity - GET YOURS NOW!

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The information presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I welcome input of additional or corrected information.

The original dual compatibility release of the disk was published by Comptons in 1994 and received very high reviews1. Comptons2 was known for their impressive Interactive Encyclopedia and Talking Dictionary. Comptons has merged into The Learning Company3 which took over distribution of their educational titles only. Production of The Artists game long ago ceased and all remainders were liquidated. The game was picked up for distribution in multi-packs with other games by Sirius Publishing4, from whom this final inventory came. Sirius has formally stated that no new copies of the game have been pressed since mid 1995 and that they will make no more5.

The developer of the game, Grafix Zone6, created other music titles including Herbie Hancock and Santana. The game was authored using Apple Computer's QuickTime7 and rendering tools by Electric Image Inc8. Grafix Zone went through various struggles9, reorganized several times10, and as of November 18, 1997 "has no operating business"11 and will been delisted from NASDAQ. Before the end Grafix Zone earlier sold the rights to The Artist's game and others to GT Interactive Software Corp12, NASDAQ: GTIS13. GTIS started with such well known titles as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom II and now focuses strictly on newer titles. As of January GTIS was mired in a lawsuit by stockholders14. There is no indication that GTIS ever distributed or licensed The Artist's game or ever will.

A check of 45 major web based CD-ROM sources15, many of which once carried it, found virtually no copies remaining. In four cases the game appears on a catalog web page but email confirmed that none actually remain. Three vendors responded that they might have a few but would have to check physical inventory. Of those, two were overseas and higher priced.

In past years copies could be found by chance at conventional retailers where long ago ordered stock had not yet sold out. A two day search of software, computer and game stores16 in spring of 1997 found only one copy. It is safe to assume that they are all but gone now.

Finally, the game is available from collectables vendors or individual fans if one looks hard, but may be used or expensive. A search of used CD-ROM and used record stores in Chicago17 in December of 1996 found two copies. The asking price is both cases was over $60. Recent calls to some of the same stores found none remaining.

Conclusion: Visionary 2000 is offering the last significant, easily available, reasonably priced inventory of the beautiful CD-ROM game by the artist formerly known as Prince - GET YOURS NOW!

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ADDITIONAL INFO (received some 10 years later):
From: Glenn Johnson, Executive Vice President, Magic Software Enterprises, Inc.
23046 Avenida de la Carlota, Suite 300, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, 949-250-1718
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 9:40PM
Subject: Regarding History of the [Prince] Interactive CD-ROM
I ran across your webpage regarding the history of the Prince Interactive CD-ROM. I thought I would correct some of the information on your page.
The original publisher was Graphix Zone not Compton's. The way you can tell if you have one of the CD-ROMs in the original packaging is by the temporary tattoos that we included in the box. Later versions included in various collections and reprints etc. did not have the tattoo decals which we produced in very psychidellic colors in the shape of the Artist's symbol.
A company description from a later press release before the demise of the company...
Founded in 1989 and based in Irvine, Calif., Graphix Zone publishes interactive multimedia products on CD-ROM, hybrid and Internet platforms and will publish on future platforms such as DVD. Graphix Zone is expanding its music megasite with the recent acquisition of WILMA, an on-line music venue and events database, being the first leg of that site.
Graphix Zone recently released an updated version of its top selling "ExpressNet Suite" which now includes "Netscape Navigator 3.0", "SmartNet Internet Everything" and "SmartNet Power Accessories", "Herbie Hancock Presents Living Jazz", "Willie: The Life and Music of Willie Nelson" and "Under The Covers".
Others among Graphix Zone's acclaimed CD-ROM titles are "Nixon: The CD-ROM", "Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Interactive", "(Prince) Interactive", the chart-toping "Bob Marley: Soul Almighty Enhanced CD See CD Extra", "The Crow: The Complete Interactive Collection" and the Academy Award-nominated "Nixon Enhanced CD" which includes John Williams' "Nixon" film soundtrack.
The Dylan and Prince titles both became the highest selling music titles in the interactive music category. For further information, see the Graphix Zone's Web site.


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