My Betta fish ("Jesus 2") is not well.
Today marked a week since my dear pet fish Jesus 2 last significantly moved. The time had come, especially with it being the Sabbath, to help make destiny's way merciful. First I made peace, commending this mighty micro on his honor and service and friendship. Then a few drops of oil of clove, and commitment to his memory. Then as he drifted to rest on the glass pebbles, shots of scotch all around and memories of glorious times shared.

As Jesus 2 gulped his last slow breaths a rumble deep in my guts began, a roiling lava of all I felt for that fish, and as he gulped his last it burst forth as a MIGHTY YELL TO STOVOKOR "BEWARE! A TINY MIGHTY WARRIOR FISH IS ABOUT TO ARRIVE!!!"

The ritual completed, the body only an empty shell, I flushed it away.

More matter less art: Overfed again, leads to terminal constipation. While the fishfood package says 3-4 pellets 3-4 times a day (9-16 total), the better figure I've gleaned from many readings is more like 3 a day, once a day, and you can skip an occasional day. Research shows such restricted feeding, plus activity, MULTIPLIES Betta life span. Another MAJOR PROOF about the longevity value of calorically restricted dieting. Savor hunger!
My Betta fish (