Midnight Marauders ride gathering.
"Drinking Club with a Biking Problem"
Had a blast winter biking with an unruly mob. Spent little, lost weight, and rode home with hotness, in part thanx to drinking less, but I'll consider myself reprimanded for that.
44 riders counted after a the super-fun show-n-tell at Batteries Not Included. We lost a dozen+ there, but I know for a fact some of them had useful phone numbers such as mine, and giving up easy is not the Marauder way.
I forgot to turn on my odometer a few times, but rounding up would guess door to door maybe 24 miles, 3 hours in motion. Net time 8:30pm-4:30am, so we're "Midnight" in winter in that that's the midpoint time.
Totally TOTALLY screwed up route (not atypical), but no apologies necessary. All enjoyed the park and groceries, and the ending performance too spectacular for summary here.
Midnight Marauders ride gathering.