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Andrew's Tattoos
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Respond In Love
  February 24th 2013

Took decades to choose something I felt could be forever. Finally picked one of my top rules in life. A permanent reminder to myself and others of what is always the right choice.
Also, though I'm a radical humanist, I enjoy the connection to the biblical "turn the other cheek" teaching as well as the conflict resolution part of Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

Do the Right Thing
  April 30th 2013

For smoking cessation, and actually worked! Theory being I committed to something I could never go back on, having failed at many years of softer tries. Finished my last pack then got it done.
For years I originally planned to have a "Don't do the wrong thing" red circle with slash tattooed on my hand, to remind me to stop when smoking. Then just days before doing it, a friend suggested flipping to a positive approach.
Sometimes mistaken for the Type O Negative band logo.

Mom & Dad
  March 8th 2016

An absolute classic concept. Designed by my dad years earlier. Then given to them, on me, as a birthday gift.

Possible future tattoos:
  • The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
  • Feed the good.
  • tattoo=nouns[rand(count(nouns))]