Andrew  Do  See
Andrew's (first) Tattoo
Respond In Love
Means several things to me:
  • Always the right choice.
  • A bold personal commitment to the concept.
  • A concept so core that it will not change.
  • The conflict resolution part of Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.
  • Being nurturing, welcoming and understanding of others.
  • A great message to be broadcasting.
  • A sprinkle of pure positivity through the rest of my life.
  • A reminder to myself.
  • Long overdue.
  • Decisive and risk taking.
  • It resonates.
  • A headline.
  • A slight coolness bump.
  • Why not?

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is this religious? Did you find Jesus?
    I remain a radical humanist AND the concept connects with biblical wisdom.
  • Is this is epiphonal change?
    I needed a reminder, but this has always been a core personal policy.
  • Is this breakup related?
    To a degree, and that's OK. It helped me forgive. And lover related tattoos certainly have historic precedence.

Runners up:
  • The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
  • Feed the good.
  • tattoo=nouns[rand(count(nouns))]