Chicago Critical Mass 2013.06.28
"Tortoise and Hare" mass, art/route by Steven Lane.
In Steven's words: "We seem to be at odds about what Critical Mass is with some people thinking a Mass ride should never stop, and those same silly rabbits keep racing out in front pulling our bike parade into a thin string snapping it in two. For you studious turtles that have an Einstein view of Mass, you know we are stronger when we are together, so let's split from the hares and let them learn from the school of hard knocks.
Up for a comparative study on Massing? Join us for Chicago's first split route Critical Mass where we join up at the end to trade notes."

Andrew's post-ride words: "The Hares' ride experience: We took a few wrong turns in haste and a typo, and rushed, and F*ngaMAZingly both masses arrived at Humboldt Park simultaneously! In honesty, only the first wave of hares arrived that soon, despite only a third more distance. At our early peak I'd guess we had some 400+ Hares! I was baffled that it was hard keeping even the front pack going >8mph. Some riders were stopping at lights and waiting cycles for massups. More than once I heard "this is not a race" and I was like, umm, apparently you didn't get the memo. So we got strung out. I hear the tortoises similarly had a reciprocal challenge. The park ending was a beautiful thing, with the big group of bike cops at the entrance congratulating each other and the riders. Both groups had some incidents I hear. So on the contest of soonest and safest, looks like a tie!"
Chicago Critical Mass 2013.06.28