Memories of Tabitha.
Also see the photo album of attendees at the memorial.

Jeanne Rosner - 2010.09.13:
I was just a little kid back then, and my best friend was Tibby.
I think our dads, or step dads actually, were in school together. Tibby and I hung out and got into a lot of mischief together. We went to girl scout camp and shared a tent with two stuck up girls from Skokie. We pulled the legs off daddy long legs and tossed the parts at the girls just to hear them squeal. We got in trouble for that, as well as making prank phone calls. We ordered pizzas and birthday cakes for school enemies.
My folks and Ed and Jane threatened us that we would be kept apart. We knew they wouldn't really...
And we played. We adored the Fantastiks. Tibby had her room painted like a forest and her closet was this very amazing cottage with a red Dutch door. We wore elegant gowns, Tibby in pink and me in light green. We raided Jane's vanity for makeup and we drank white grape juice in her long stem crystal.
My folks moved to Seattle in 1963. We lost touch over time. I haven't seen her since we were teens. She was incredibly beautiful. I learned a little from time to time thru my aunt Marji. Her son John, my cousin, was in school with her and always held a crush. Marji is passed and John and his wife are in LA.
So this Saturday late in the evening, I felt so called to find her- only to find that her spirit has recently disincarnated. And your pictures- including a few with me (aug 1959 BFF... and another at some restaurant- a couple of years later, on a counter of a pretend saloon, Jane looking gorgeous and uncle Robbie behind the bar). I was so sad and yet grateful to see a whole history of my friend's life, beautiful in total. It was as though the consciousness of your website called me. How amazing! And so, thank you.
I don't think her spirit is resting so much as dancing and twirling with the stars. I have another dear friend, a mom, a dancer, who disincarnated this past January. I am hoping they find each other and keep on dancing.
My love to you and your family. With Light ~ Jeanne Rosner