Entertainment Information Terminal "kiosk" information terminals were created and deployed as described here through 2000-2003, and positively reviewed by the Illinois Entertainer in 2001.
The ENTERTAINMENT INFORMATION TERMINAL is a small computer which continuously runs a special custom program. This program shows EXCELLENT EVENT LISTINGS of current and upcoming Chicago fun, plus a categorized COMPREHENSIVE DIRECTORY of fun Chicago places, ideas and resources, AND it shows HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS of Chicago fun! Finally, it gives background information about and can take free subscriptions and occasionally display sponsor ads.

  Info Terminals

  Andrew of has been developing public information terminals since 1983!!!

Click the image at left to see photos of some.

  The first Entertainment Information Terminal was developed for the "Synexus" artists networking event at Charybdis in early May of 2001 and has remained running there since.

Click the photo at left to see the whole presence with promotional candy and cards.
  Terminal Screen

  Sample main menu screen. All screens timeout to a random series of Chicago fun photos.

Click the image at left to see more sample screens.

  Color terminal at Supreme Records in Wicker Park.

Click the photo at left to see more views of this unit.
Attract more NEW and REPEAT CUSTOMERS with this unique and compact device. To qualify for hosting an entertainment information terminal you should represent a Chicago business with substantial customer traffic, such as a music, clothing or book store, services, city facility, or entertainment venue, and be prepared to cover some installation costs. You'll get a classic laptop computer pre-loaded with software. The software is very sophisticated and includes encryption, fault recovery, and automatic updating capability by floppy disk or modem without requiring a dedicated phone line or Internet access. You must be responsible for an extremely simple updating procedure which should be performed at least weekly. You may optionally add a printer and modem. Classic hardware is used so theft and damage are of little concern. The unit can be secured with a simple laptop security chain. Best participants will be given free advertising on terminals at other locations. Planned future features include coupon and VIP pass printing.

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