Formats for Personal Digital Assistants such as Palm, Windows CE/Mobile, and AvantGo.

For Palm/CE is accessible from POCKET COMPUTERS!
The events newsletter AND the places directory AND even event photos are available on popular PalmOS and Windows CE devices in several formats: AvantGo (a popular off-line page viewer for Palm/CE PDAs) and Non-Graphical for use with text viewers.
For Palm/CE
AVANTGO FORMAT is a service that allows off-line viewing of simple web pages on a variety of pocket organizer models including Palm OS and Windows CE devices. The service is free, but you must install the software on your organizer and PC. If you have a few meg to spare it's quite a good program. users can have the current newsletter of fun Chicago events as well as the directory of fun Chicago places downloaded ("synced") automatically whenever they are updated.
  • Events/Places Channel
    CLICK ABOVE to add the newsletter and places directory to your channels in one step. Alternately, login to your account and add the channel as follows:
      LOCATION: (Sorry, the PDA server has been retired.)
      MAX SIZE: 300k
      LINK DEPTH: 2
      REFRESH: every 1 hour
    IMPORTANT NOTES: The maximum size is an error check limit, it does not in fact reserve this much memory in your organizer. Actual size is about 260K. This version already includes NO images, so changing INCLUDE IMAGE will not save any memory. Please leave this ON in case images are added in the future. If you REALLY can't fit this in your organizer, you may start with LINK DEPTH set to 1 instead of 2. This will give you the newsletter, but drops all 200K of detail from the places directory.
  • Event Photos Channel
    Shows the newest several event photo highlights, updated automatically.
  • Sync Trouble
    Users sometimes experience problems due to AvantoGo's "caching" feature. If at any time the pages do not work or are out of date on your organizer, you may need to login to your account, click on Edit My Account. Next click Account Settings, then Cache Control, and finally on the Clear Channel Cache button. This forces all pages to be updated on your next sync.
User of small browsers (such as wireless PDAs, or Internet Explorer for Windows CE Pocket Computers, or text only terminals) can access all of the newsletter and places directory in simplified HTML and text formats which allows full browsing but without graphics.
  • NEWSLETTER for small browsers.
    For the current events listing events point your text/pocket browser to:
       (Sorry, the PDA server has been retired.)

  • PLACES DIRECTORY for small browsers.
    For the directory of fun Chicago places and resources point your text/pocket browser to:
       (Sorry, the PDA server has been retired.)

  • NEWSLETTER in text format.
    The current events listing is available in plain text format with hard line breaks at a narrow margin, optimized for use in small organizer notepad type software. Download and install:
       (Sorry, the PDA server has been retired.)