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This site is owned, operated, published, and administrated by a few MEMBERS and ALUMNI and FANS of the Triton Troupers Circus, herein referred to as "Ringmasters". This site is maintained in support of the circus, and has no formal administrative affiliation with Triton College itself. Any person browsing or having an email address on record with this site is herein referred to as "User". Submissions made by anyone to any areas of this site such as comments, forums, event listings, photos, etc, are herein referred to as "Postings".


Ringmasters, as well as service providers and all associated persons and businesses accepts NO liability whatsoever for any damages either direct or consequential resulting from any use of any information contained on or forwarded by this system. All information is presented absolutely AS IS, without warranty as to accuracy or appropriateness to age or local standards. This system is intended for public exchange of information and much of the content may be un-moderated.


As stated above, all information is presented here AS IS without warranty as to accuracy or appropriateness. Furthermore Ringmasters do not routinely monitor any user postings. User posted content expresses the views of the author only, and may not represent the views of this site or any entity associated with it. Such users remain solely responsible for their content, and agree by posting to indemnify and hold Ringmasters harmless with respect to any claims arising from their postings. These same terms apply to all user submitted areas such as comments, votes, and event listings.


User information such as email addresses are NOT redistributed or sold in any way under normal circumstances. User information is used solely internally by Ringmasters or authorized editorial representatives for emailings of newsletters and special bulletins, and other database functions. In all cases of postings made to this site a valid, true and accurate email address may be required. This is in part intended to encourage submitters to act responsibly. Any submitted email address may be stored in our database to record the submitter's areas of interest groups and may be used for relevant email bulletins from this site. A degree of confidentiality is present by design, for example posting submitter email address are not normally displayed. However for best privacy Users are encouraged to create a NickName for themselves, which is further explained on the join form. Though every attempt is made at secure programming, due to the extremely complex nature of this software and the existence of evil-doers Ringmasters explicitly make no guarantee as to the absolute confidentiality of any identity related information submitted or stored by this site. Furthermore basic Internet precautions described in section below apply. As stated above, many details collected in User records are not shown to the public. However all data including personal messages and chat on this site may be reviewed at will by Ringmasters. User information may be transferred to a new system in the case of sale or discontinuation of this domain, however in no case shall it me multiply or publicly distributed. User identity may be revealed to authorized law enforcement officials if required in the event of legal complaint or legal action. This site may cause browser programs to store "cookies" on local PCs. This is a standard technique used only to enhance the site's functionality and to tailor the site to individual preferences. This information is encrypted, and is not accessible to any other web sites. All terms in preceding sections shall also be held to apply, where not contradictory.


This site's contents such as photos, event listings, and email newsletters are intended for a family audience. No adult language or nudity or violence. Ringmaster hereby discourages the posting of overtly adult language and images even in user restricted sections such as forums, however such content may be un-moderated and may not be appropriate for all ages. As with almost any site, this site is best visited with adult supervision.


As with any web-based social system, great caution is recommended and is (You) the user's sole personal responsibility. Ringmasters cannot be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from use of this system or meeting people through it. Users are warned to be careful when giving out personal information, and only with the greatest of certainty should you give out your real name, telephone number, or address. This system provides a method to anonymously communicate with possible matches which should be used for initial contacts with persons you locate here. Should you choose to contact a person by email consider taking the step of using an anonymous free email account at another service provider. Should you decide to meet anyone in person, be intelligent: meet in a very public place, don't go anyplace to meet a person that you are not very familiar with the area and location, tell a friend where you will be and who you are meeting, and above all make sure that you have transportation home. By registering on this site or contacting any person on this site, you acknowledge this and agree to hold this site, its owners, its service providers, and any other persons and businesses affiliated with this site blameless for any damages that may result from your use of the site. Administrators may investigate claims such as harassment, and have capabilities for terminating or blocking selected users based on various parameters. However the system is intended to be self maintained and there is no warranty regarding administration or moderation. Explicit sexual photos are discouraged and may be removed without notice. This system is intended solely for individuals seeking personal matches. No commercial use whatsoever is permitted. The system administrators reserve the right to remove any content or block any users without notice or explanation. Though the system provides a good level of anonymity and has no known security holes, your caution is recommended. Adequate basic Internet security precautions (clear history, clear cache, keep passwords secret, ...) are up to you especially in work or shared computer environments. All terms in preceding sections shall also be held to apply, where not contradictory.


You agree through use of this system that you will not post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You further agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you. Although Ringmasters do not and cannot review all personal content, Ringmasters reserve the right to review, edit and delete absolutely any user submitted content and even to terminate or block any user at Ringmasters' sole discretion.