Automatic Talking Twister Spinner

Twister is the classic all ages game by Milton Bradley. Elegantly simple and uniquely physical. This project implements an automatic talking spinner for calling out moves, enabling solo or couple play without a referee.


  • Take off shoes. Designate a referee/spinner
  • For a 2-player game: Players face each other from opposite ends of the mat, one foot on yellow the other foot on blue. Optional third player starts in center of red side facing in. For a 4-player game, form 2 teams of 2 players each. Teammates standing side by side, face opponents on opposite ends of the mat.
  • Referee spins the spinner then calls out the body part and the color that the arrow points to.
  • All players, at the same time, must then try to follow the referee's directions. Each player must try to place the called-out body part on a vacant circle of the called-out color.
  • If your called-out hand or foot is already on a circle of the called-out color, you must try to move it to another circle of the same color.
  • There can never be more than one hand or foot on any one circle. If two or more players reach for the same circle, the referee must decide which player got there first. The other player(s) must find another vacant circle of the same color.
  • Never remove your hand or foot from a circle unless you're directed to by the referee after a spin. Exception: You may lift a hand or foot to allow another hand or foot to pass by, as long as you announce it to the referee beforehand, and replace it on its circle immediately afterward.
  • If all 6 circles of a color are already covered, the referee must spin again until a different color can be called out.
  • Strategy: Try moving toward an opponent's portion of the mat, forcing the player to go over or under you to place a hand or foot!
  • Any player who falls, or touches the mat with an elbow or knee, is immediately out of the game. If you feel that a new position is impossible, or will cause you to fall, you may eliminate yourself.
  • In a 2-player game, the game ends and the remaining player wins. In a 3-player game, the remaining two players keep playing until one player is eliminated and the remaining player wins.
  • If there are only 2 players and no referee, you can play without using the spinner. One player calls out the body part; the other player calls out the circle color. Players alternate turns calling out the body part first.




  • Current Version (v6 2023) - Pure HTML, Javascript, CSS and Text-to-Speech.
    Simplest form, just 100 lines of code. Works great on phones, can be dropped on the home screen just like an app.
    Source code for current version on GitHub.
  • Video clip of Microcontroller Version (v5 2023). Built-in to the CyBell software as an alternate mode.
  • First text-to-speech Javascript web version (v4 ~2016) built-into the InfoWall software project.
  • Video capture of PHP web-based version (v3 2008), used actual voice samples from friends. (Clip on YouTube. Also created DVD version.)
  • Visual Basic Version (v2 2004) (no records). Played wav files created from text-to-speech.
  • Electronic Version (v1 1998) (no records). Designed sound activated talking twister spinner using just TTL chips. Would play from EPROM to DAC. Spins using trigger bounce to randomizes high four address bits.