Carefully produced with every aspect designed specifically for Susan Hooper's personal history and tastes.

Overall structure is seven repeats of a long dark hard-core synth minor Ostinato phrase (music term, Italian for obstinate) chord progression, where last bar of each repeat perversely warps back under start (tempo corrected free-form pitch-bend). Chord movement represents (home then) two steps forward one step back. Complex forms are carefully assembled but then fall, repeated with increasingly intensity over full song story. Step-wise progress then setback, and threes, are present at multiple structural, melodic and bass levels. Bassline is intended as hot electro-goth dance club playable (evolved from "Systematic Breakdown" sample). Underlying clickities represent fast brain, sinuous elements represent feminine thin physique and liquid motion. Stream of consciousness flashes of circus, carnival, freakshow, fire, typing and more reflect history and likes. Gets a bit dark sometimes, but so does she. Consciously also applies many of my current elements of interest including driving minor bass, the "Amen" pattern, percussion melodies and atonality, beatmatched absurdism, longer form and more. Best loud on excellent headphones. By Andrew Bedno, took ~20hrs. 130bpm 7:26