Andrew Bedno's musical compositions and performance history.

Continuous streaming radio shuffle of Andrew's greatest hits, time synchronized for all listeners.

"Don't Fear The Reaper"
In progress development of remake of "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult (1976).

Carefully produced with every aspect designed specifically for Susan Hooper's personal history and tastes.

"Bickering Old Furniture"
Channeling the vaguely spooky dream-like emotions of the contents of a once grand but now abandoned old house. By Andrew Bedno. 120bpm 4:24

"Gentle Soundscape with Interruptions"
Exercise melding subtle and abrupt at structural levels. Crass bar breaks, but muted beds and blocking temporally and dynamically blurred. Builds then diverts several times, ultimately going nowhere. By Andrew Bedno. 120bpm 4:18

"Natural Signalz"
Experiment merging/presenting/contrasting digital sounding natural sounds with natural sounding digital sounds. By Andrew Bedno. 4:20

Circus carousel calliope version of Michelle by The Beatles. Interpreted by Andrew Bedno. 2:43

NPR Interview with Andrew
Speaking for WNBR-C, by Scott Iseri, recorded on-site the morning of the ride, excerpted from a longer piece on progressive transportation and energy subjects, carried on National Public Radio (WBEZ locally) the next week.

138bpm progressive/industrial/jungle, hard beats, sub-bass, scorching sounds, with old jazz breaks. Yet another structured arrangement by Andrew Bedno. 4:20

154bpm techno, built around William Shatner performing the "To Be or Not To Be" soliloquy from Shakespeare's Hamlet. By Andrew Bedno. 2:49

Spike Manton Show interview
Andrew Bedno does the Chicago events segment, one Monday 8-10pm on WCKG 105.9FM. 17:42

170bpm Jungle, breathing, trance, almost new age jazz. By Andrew Bedno. 4:46

Hard beat minor suspended 120bpm hopefully danceable soundscape. By Andrew Bedno. 4:09

"Daniel's Jam 1"
Playful tune arranged by Daniel with some cartoon samples. 2:00

"Laughing Girl"
Fast 160bpm jungle style percussion with weird punctuation, layered, symetrical, intended for dancing. By Andrew Bedno. 4:35

"Sub-bass Rock"
Churns mostly in the low end of audible freqs, with a thrashing 120bpm beat and some good breaks. By Andrew Bedno. 3:09

Really just an experiment in using one of the cheapest consumer/toy sampling keyboards ever by Casio. Round structure influenced by Phillip Glass. Why the particular sample was used is unknown, but it may be intended to satirize Ingred (my then or soon to be wife, later ex) talking too much about a friend named Bill. Encoded from cassette. 1:05

Crazy high speed smashing drums and rumbling bass track, and oppressive psycho chirps, with Ingred reading something about Cellulite. Ingred (my then or soon to be wife, later ex) would have been about 25-26. Uses my Sequential Circuits synthesizer, and Korg drum machine, and she has good micing and emoting. Encoded from cassette. 3:32

Lots of duck noises and distant disordered sounds, angry wife words, and various alarm clocks. Ingred (my then or soon to be wife, later ex) would have been about 25-26. Uses my Sequential Circuits synthesizer, and Korg drum machine, and she has good micing and emoting. May have been a response to my song "Lurv". Encoded from cassette. 1:06

Probably recorded on a Tascam 4 track, Uses Sequential Circuits synthesizer, Korg drum machine, and Commodore 64. Fun random bass walk, solid rock drums, and obnoxiously out of key synth splashes and stabs. Encoded from cassette. 5:10

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