Technical Writings
Archive of Andrew's writings on technical subjects.

Building a Retro Gaming System Step-by-Step
Documentation of EXACTLY how to create a powerful retro video gaming system using a Raspberry Pi 4 with thousands of games from dozens of platforms and wireless controllers for under $200. 2021.02.07

Automatic mapping of photos
Automatic map linking and embedding for photos, using extended GPS location info in JPG files. Demonstrated here with GoogleMaps and iPhone photos, but works with other SmartPhones and advanced cameras. 2010.02.22

iPhone Video Conversion
Preparation of videos for iPhone/iPod/MP4 playback, using the "ffmpeg" transcoder. 2009.11.29

Not So Big Sky
The first satellite-on-satellite crash. 2009.02.19

It's Their Planet
Minimum genome and success through simplicity. 2009.05.15

Code Masters
Technical analysis of the "Conficker" worm program 2009.03.28

iPhone Music Composition apps.
Sharing for other iPhone/iPod users looking for music app advice, and for fellow music theorists who may like me have been unuaware of what's becoming reality thanks to the unique power and interface. 2009.01.15

Astronettes I'd Like to beFriend 2009.02.19

CMS Review
Review of Website Content Management Systems 2003.09.29

Common Error Codes
Common Error Codes: DOS, Unix, Cobol, ISAM. 1996.01.01

Introduction to HTML Authoring
Complete dummy's how-to create a first web page guide. 1996.01.01

Installing Linux
This document briefly describes the process of installing Linux from the RedHat 3.0 distribution. 1996.01.01

Serial Cabling
Quick Reference to Serial Cabling 2017.08.09

VI Quick Reference
Quick Reference to the standard "vi" editor found in *nix OS's. 2017.08.09