Photo album 2001.01.13
Fantastic fun North side shopping day.
Starting at Chicago Recycle Shop (773/878-8525, 5308 N Clark) which has acquired an incredible dress made entirely of POP TOPS!!! (banned since 1971 kids). More of an antique store really, the keeper of this hidden marvel does beautiful seasonally changing windows. On to Boystown for the unparalleled Brown Elephant resale shop (773/549-3459, 3641 N Halsted, I seldom get out of here with under $75 of suits and such. They have what appears to be a set of genuine Keith Haring ( sculptures. Next headed South for lunch at Chicago Diner (773/935-6696, 3411 N Halsted, one of the city's oldest vegetarian (VEGAN actually) restaurants. Across the street are the mod/goth/macho staples 99th Floor (773/348-7781, 3406 N Halsted,, Beatnix (773/281-6933, 3432 N Halsted), Bad Boys (773/549-7701, 3352 N Halsted, and Evil Clown (773/472-4761, 3418 N Halsted). On to the Belmont/Clark cluster for Hollywood Mirror (773/404-4510, 812 W Belmont) and Ragstock (773/868-9263, 812 W Belmont, Though billed as retro, these places to some degree establish the cutting edge of youth fashion. Around the corner to Chicago Comics (773/528-1983, 3244 N Clark,, in my opinion THE most comprehensive store for classic/new/indie comics and related toys. A dozen blocks South on Clark near Fullerton is Urban Outfitters (773/549-1711, 2352 N Clark, This place looks like a Gap, but the style is beyond tomorrow. I figure focus groups and a committee define their inventory by picking a random symbol of the month to keep adults out of touch. Finally Uncle Fun (773/477-8223, 1338 W Belmont,, a Chicago Institution! THE place for Starsky&Hutch lunch boxes, robots, and 10 MILLION other odd toys.
Urban Outfitters. (click to zoom)
Urban Outfitters.
Old is new again.