Andrew Bedno's selected photos of self.
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Andrew 2017.03.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2017.03.18
Andrew at the Rat Prom "Disenchantment Under The Sea"

Andrew 2017.02.26 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2017.02.26
Professional portrait.

Andrew 2017.02.23 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2017.02.23
My date was my drink at Nocturna Broken Hearts Ball.

Andrew 2016.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2016.10.31
With Sci-Fi characters at Nocturna Halloween.

Andrew 2016.03.08 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2016.03.08
Showing off my new Mom&Dad tattoo, designed by dad, for his birthday.

Andrew 2016.02.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2016.02.17
Andrew and Red Hot Annie at Nocturna's Valentine's Day party.

Andrew 2015.12.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2015.12.28
Trapeze school.

Andrew 2015.09.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2015.09.28
Wilson skate park with BMX.

Andrew 2015.06.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2015.06.28
Sun salutation.

Andrew 2015.06.20 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2015.06.20
Andrew and pals at Nocturna's 28th anniversary party.

Andrew 2015.03.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2015.03.25
With Caitlin at a Rat Prom.

Andrew 2015.02.14 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2015.02.14
At Nocturna's Broken Hearts Ball.

Andrew 2014.04.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2014.04.05
With Vermin Supreme.

Andrew 2014.03.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2014.03.01
After a Chiditarod.

Andrew 2013.10.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2013.10.28
At a Halloween Nocturna.

Andrew 2013.06.21 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2013.06.21
"Daniel's Two Dads" at Daniel and Theresa's wedding.

Andrew 2013.05.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2013.05.01
Occupy Chicago "People over Profits"

Andrew 2013.04.20 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2013.04.20
Andrew and Jera at a Resonate.

Andrew's Tattoos
Andrew's Tattoos
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Andrew 2012.06.29 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2012.06.29
Riding to work.

Andrew 2012.06.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2012.06.09
Glitter Guts photo of Jera and Andrew before World Naked Bike Ride Chicago 9.

Andrew 2012.04.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2012.04.28
GlitterGuts photo with Jera at "Resonate" at Metro.

Andrew 2011.12.23 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2011.12.23
Andrew in star fleet blue at A Klingon Christmas Carol

Andrew 2011.10.22 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2011.10.22
Andrew costumed as Anonymous for Halloween.

Andrew 2011.06.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2011.06.11
Glitter Guts photo of Jera and Andrew before World Naked Bike Ride Chicago 8.

Andrew 2010.11.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2010.11.05
Andrew and Jera at a Nocturna.

Andrew 2010.09.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2010.09.17
Andrew and David at a bar.

Andrew 2010.09.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2010.09.11
Andrew and Jera at a bubble party.

Andrew 2009.12.02 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2009.12.02
Andrew at Cirque Du Soleil "Banana Shpeel"

Andrew 2009.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2009.10.31
Andrew wearing partial Riddler costume.

Andrew 2009.09.06 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2009.09.06
GlitterGuts photo with dear Barbra at Neo's 30th anniversary party.

Andrew 2009.07.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2009.07.25
Susan and Andrew at a zombie event.

Andrew 2009.07.19 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2009.07.19
Bike Salute

Andrew 2009.04.21 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2009.04.21
Andrew just hangin and being a rusky blonde at Hamburger Mary's.

Andrew 2008.10.19 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.10.19
Skeleton costume completed.

Andrew 2008.10.13 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.10.13
Andrew's Halloween 2008 costume: 'Artist' Finished, with comical mustache.

Andrew 2008.09.27 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.09.27
Andrew face painting at Circus In The Parks. Homage to Michelle.

Andrew 2008.09.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.09.05
Theatre experiment. Andrew self cut/dye/styled to see how close I could get to Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet.

Andrew 2008.08.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.08.17
North Side Summerfest. Andrew in sleeveless sequined silk.

Andrew 2008.08.16 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.08.16
'Full Moon Carnival' benefit party. Michelle and Andrew glam shot. Thanx Eric! See for more wild photos.

Andrew 2008.08.08 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.08.08
World Hoop Day. Andrew tuckered out but still cute.

Andrew 2008.06.14 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.06.14
Coordinating the 5th annual World Naked Bike Ride Chicago setting the world's record with 1700 riders.

Andrew 2008.03.15 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.03.15
Andrew doing sound design and production for "Journey of the Arabella", a pirate circus play by Forms In Motion.

Andrew 2008.03.15 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2008.03.15
Andrew co-wrote/produced/directed the clown team and performed with Triton Troupers Circus.

Andrew 2007.12.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.12.09
Sporting self-made Christmas tree hat, with decorations, gifts, and working lights, at West Suburban Clown Club holiday party.

Andrew 2007.10.27 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.10.27
Andrew and Susan as girlscout and boyscout at Halloween Nocturna at House of Blues.

Andrew 2007.09.22 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.09.22
Andrew as Allouishes P. Finkelstein III of Wireless Wizard News Service. Photographing for The Daily Prophet at Return To Hogwarts in Peoria.

Andrew 2007.09.21 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.09.21
Andrew learning DJ skills from Heather Doble. At Women & Children First bookstore, as part of EstroJam.

Andrew 2007.09.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.09.18
Smarty Pants balloon art at Ranalli's restaurant. Andrew ('Drizzle' the clown) substituting in September. Taught some kids to make their own balloon dogs.

Andrew 2007.09.15 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.09.15
Andrew and Susan doing balloon twisting skit. For Forms In Motion circus at Forest Park Rib Fest.

Andrew 2007.09.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.09.05
Andrew with balloon twisting legend and Big Bob Coleman.

Andrew 2007.08.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.08.11
Arlington Park Racetrack Silver Jubilee. Andrew and Susan performed on stilts for Forms In Motion.

Andrew 2007.07.15 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.07.15
Gary Air Show in Indiana. Forms In Motion kids activities. Andrew face painting.

Andrew 2007.07.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.07.04
Naperville Rib Fest. Andrew juggling and hula-hooping on globe in Forms In Motion kids area.

Andrew 2007.06.24 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.06.24
Lincoln Park Zoo. Andrew and Susan in swan paddle boat.

Andrew 2007.06.22 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.06.22
American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Andrew and Susan volunteered to entertain the kids.

Andrew 2007.06.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.06.17
Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park. #52, Andrew and Susan's segment, with artists.

Andrew 2007.06.10 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.06.10
Cicadas. Andrew playing with one.

Andrew 2007.05.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.05.11
Looptopia. Purple haired Andrew in front of The Color Purple signs.

Andrew 2007.03.03 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.03.03
Face painting by Andrew. Pot of gold.

Andrew 2007.02.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.02.17
Carson Pirie Scott downtown store closing. Andrew giving Susan a giant valentine.

Andrew 2007.01.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2007.01.01
Mummers New Years Day performances in Philadelphia. Susan, miss Philadelphia, Andrew.

Andrew 2006.12.26 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2006.12.26
Winter sight-seeing in downtown Philadelphia. Susan and Andrew and love sculpture.

Andrew 2006.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2006.10.31
Halloween Nocturna. Andrew and Susan as Mister Freeze and Poison Ivy. Photo courtesy of Marc Whipple.

Andrew 2006.08.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2006.08.09
Blarney Island party. Dharmesh juggling knives over Andrew.

Andrew 2006.08.08 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2006.08.08
Chicago Sky games at UIC Pavilion. Andrew with 'Sky Guy' the superhero mascot.

Andrew 2006.06.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2006.06.18
Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park. Susan and Andrew.

Andrew 2006.05.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2006.05.28
Six Flags Great America. Streetmosphere cast group shot, including Andrew and Susan.

Andrew 2006.05.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2006.05.28
Six Flags Great America. Andrew and Prince.

Andrew 2006.05.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2006.05.28
Six Flags Great America. Andrew with Daffy and Tweety.

Andrew 2006.05.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2006.05.04
Susan's MSW graduation from Dominican University. Susan and 'Flat Andrew'.

Andrew 2005.12.31b (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.12.31b
Andrew and Susan toasting the New Year at The Rave in Wisconsin.

Andrew 2005.12.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.12.04
Andrew and Susan clowning for the Illinois Masonic Children's Home holiday party.

Andrew 2005.12.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.12.04
West Suburban Clown Club members including Andrew and Susan on right.

Andrew 2005.12.03 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.12.03
Andrew clowning at the University Club of Chicago holiday party.

Andrew 2005.11.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.11.11
Six Star Fleet personnel including Andrew on right at Windy City Con.

Andrew 2005.10.22 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.10.22
Andrew as Commando Corporal Kawalski in "Area 51" at Fright Fest at Great America.

Andrew 2005.09.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.09.18
Andrew trying stilts at the Wheeling Fall Festival.

Andrew 2005.08.20 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.08.20
Andrew and Susan as schoolgirl and nerd at Whiplash at Bottom Lounge.

Andrew 2005.07.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.07.09
Andrew with horns at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Photo by Mandy.

Andrew 2005.07.08 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.07.08
Andrew balloon twisting at the "Big Summer Classic" at Alexian Field in Schaumburg.

Andrew 2005.06.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.06.18
Andrew planning at the Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park.

Andrew 2005.06.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.06.11
Susan and Andrew on inline skates at the World Naked Bike Ride.

Andrew 2005.06.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.06.05
Daniel and Andrew at Daniel's Graduation.

Andrew 2005.05.30 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.05.30
Drizzle and Sweetie at River Forest Memorial Day parade.

Andrew 2005.05.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.05.05
Susan and Andrew in 50s garb.

Andrew 2005.02.12 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.02.12
Scary Lady Sarah Bloody Valentine party at Club 1041. Andrew and Kassi showing hair colors.

Andrew 2005.02.12 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2005.02.12
Scary Lady Sarah Bloody Valentine party at Club 1041. Susan and Andrew. New blue hair, prom dress.

Andrew 2004.12.31a (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.12.31a
Scary Lady Sarah's New Years Eve party. Andrew being ghetto. King Cobra 40oz.

Andrew 2004.12.26 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.12.26
Ed&Jane Bedno's 50th Anniversary Party. THE ultimate family photo, all of all three gens: Nick, Jon, Jenny, Ed, Amy, Jane, Kent, Tabitha, Daniel, Andrew.

Andrew 2004.11.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.11.05
Andrew with Faith at T.H.O.N.G. party.

Andrew 2004.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.10.31
Andrew with Faith as Korben and Leeloo Dallas (from "The Fifth Element").

Andrew 2004.10.16 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.10.16
Andrew with Mistress Xena, in black and camo.

Andrew 2004.09.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.09.18
Andrew with red hair in front of world map.

Andrew 2004.09.10 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.09.10
Andrew with Jason at Untitled.

Andrew 2004.08.21 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.08.21
Caricature of Andrew.

Andrew 2004.07.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.07.25
Andrew in green at Evil BBQ 8.

Andrew 2004.07.02 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.07.02
Andrew with Dieselboy and MC J. Messinian.

Andrew 2004.06.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.06.18
Andrew as cowboy with Saira.

Andrew 2004.02.14 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2004.02.14
Andrew with Simin, part of project to collect sepia toned Valentine's Day photos with many women.

Andrew 2003.10.29 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2003.10.29
Andrew as Borg drone.

Andrew 2003.10.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2003.10.05
Andrew as police officer.

Andrew 2003.10.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2003.10.01
Andrew with Al Franken.

Andrew 2003.07.27 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2003.07.27
Andrew as dom with Diane.

Andrew 2003.06.20 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2003.06.20
Andrew as Harry Potter.

Andrew 2003.03.29 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2003.03.29
Andrew at robotics competition.

Andrew 2002.12.24 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2002.12.24
Andrew on Christmas eve.

Andrew 2002.11.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2002.11.17
Photomosaic of Andrew composed of photos by Andrew.

Andrew 2002.11.16 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2002.11.16
Andrew with tear for deceased pet mouse.

Andrew 2002.10.29 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2002.10.29
Andrew as soldier with Maria.

Andrew 2002.08.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2002.08.01
Andrew with newly short haired.

Andrew 2002.01.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2002.01.28
Andrew with Kelly and Spike Manton.

Andrew 2002.01.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2002.01.05
Andrew with robot dog.

Andrew 2001.12.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2001.12.09
Andrew with Studs Terkel.

Andrew 2001.11.14 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2001.11.14
Andrew with Jean Luc Ponty.

Andrew 2001.09.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2001.09.11
Andrew as patriots with Kelly.

Andrew 2001.09.06 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2001.09.06
Andrew as Charlie Brown.

Andrew 2001.08.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2001.08.25
Andrew with Ronald McDonald.

Andrew 2001.03.07 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2001.03.07
Andrew with Julie and Cathy.

Andrew 2001.01.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2001.01.18
Andrew after final BrockOut.

Andrew 2000.11.16 (click to zoom)
Andrew 2000.11.16
Andrew with Kathy and Cecelia.

Andrew 1999.05.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1999.05.25
Andrew in purple suit.

Andrew 1998.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1998.10.31
Andrew as Edward Scissorhands.

Andrew 1998.10 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1998.10
Andrew as Cmdr. Riker.

Andrew 1998.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1998.09
Andrew with mom and dad.

Andrew 1996.08.21 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1996.08.21
Andrew with Angela and Daniel.

Andrew 1996.08.19 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1996.08.19
Andrew as NYC junglist.

Andrew 1996.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1996.01
Andrew with dad and Daniel.

Andrew 1995.12.03 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1995.12.03
Andrew in gear outfit at Toys For Tots motorcycle parade.

Andrew 1995.07.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1995.07.01
Andrew with my Honda civic.

Andrew 1981.06.21 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1981.06.21
Andrew at high school graduation with mom&dad.

Andrew 1981.04.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1981.04.01
Andrew playing bass in high school.

Andrew 1981 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1981
Andrew high school yearbook photo.

Andrew 1980 (click to zoom)
Andrew 1980
Andrew playing bass in Mexico.

Andrew ~1979 (click to zoom)
Andrew ~1979
Andrew with best friend John Morand.

Andrew ~1970 (click to zoom)
Andrew ~1970
Young Andrew on a bus.