Photo album 2001.02.17
Mushroom meal, Valentine's Day, Motus/Tron at Charybdis, Root at Liar's Club.
The mushroom meal was one of the best in my life, and I do fancy myself a pretty good chef. For several months on Fridays my son and have bought ingredients that will be featured on that night's (if it's a vege episode) Iron Chef, a fiercely competitive cooking show from Japan with a cult following. Motus at Charybdis is a weekly Sunday dance/skate/play event with fearsome drum&bass/techno/house DJs. Tron, shown at Charybdis' weekly Thursday movie night "Focus", is the groundbreaking computer animated 1982 Disney film. Root is the successor on 3rd Thursdays to the long lived and adored BrockOut drum&bass night at Liar's Club.