Photo album 2001.03.03-B
Scarlet Life and Taissa Lada at Berlin.
I've sworn by Berlin Saturdays for over 15 years now, and as usual it was wild as can be! In a perfect synergy (to me) the night featured a performance by the great local electro/dark band Scarlet Life, followed by DJ Nosmo, with fashion by Taissa Lada going on in an equally exotic crowd. To top it off, many peeps were coming from the Lords of Acid concert ending just before at Metro! Despite accidentally breaking a mirror earlier for the first time since childhood I had high hopes for the evening, viewing that as foretelling change rather than ill. The night included comps from Greg (Thanx!), my friend Sherry coming out of hibernation for her FIRST night here, Champagne, dedicated foe Emily out for her bday, and most of all wicked Kelly being herself.