Photo album 2001.06.29
Taste Of Chicago - THE big summerly event, throughout Grant Park since 1981.
Free admission, lots of beer, booths from about 70 area restaurants many offering special "Taste" portions, bands at several stages, carnival rides, kid fun, high diving, more. Andrew's bottom line: This fest is an unstoppable juggernaut, constituting THE Chicago summer festival on the same scale as Octoberfest is to Munich for example. However, objectively speaking for the resident, an average day spent at Navy Pier can be MUCH nicer. Going to the taste requires either that you like crowds, happen to really like this event, or have come for a specific musical act. Even so, seeing the big name act at Petrillo requires staking out a place hours in advance. We went in the afternoon of opening day, and using standard DisneyLand procedure immediately went to the far end, Buckingham Fountain and the gourmet cuisine booths (rabbit, duck, pheasant?!?). Largely I suspect due to this PARTICULAR time window, the experience was comfortable, the crowd was cheerful and moderate, and the lines very short. I especially enjoyed the diversity of attendees and quality of music.