Photo album 2001.07.06
"Elements" (N'Joy/Strictly Jungle) drum&bass Fridays in June at Dragon Room (312/751-8700, 809 W Evergreen).
UK DJ Matrix joins residents Ry-N and Kevin Cunningham. This album ONLY covers the third floor drum&bass room of this event, so for more photos of Dragon Room see the ALBUM from the first "Elements" night. My favorite night clubbing since Grooverider featured the usual Fellini-esque assortment of coincidi. I got temp tattooed and went to Dragon Room, and met a woman with massive tattoos OF a dragon. I was stopped at the door for shorts and tennis shoes until the manager cleared up the mysteriously forgotten no dress code Friday misunderstanding. "At least I didn't wear my first choice of camouflage cutoffs" I protested good naturedly. I was too shy to snap the near twin blonde fashion star door girls. Thanx for the comps Ry-N! Thanx Mike, Marshall for yet another good time ("we were the show").