Photo album 2002.10.24
Heavyweight headliners "Usual Suspects" spinning at "Rotation" Drum&Bass Thursdays at Cafe Lura, 773/736-3033, 3184 N Milwaukee.
Editor's unusually extensive notes for a small shoot: This is the FIFTH time we've shot this place and it is just not one of the easiest to capture well so I felt some disclaimers were in order. There's just not much light at drum&bass events here, and there's sort of a character of intimacy which flash would disrupt. Also I used red-eye pre-flash and good distances and exposures yet still there is too much wash out and demonic eyeballs. In contrast, check out two prior pretty intense albums of Cafe Lura from Earatik Statik and Monoxide, or Andre Solaris and Nosmo. That aside, someone asked recently if Rotation was the next Brockout (a great extinct local drum&bass monthly). As a qualified member of the old guard I'd have to say essentially yes. Actually in space, charm, frequency, sound, parking and headliners it is significantly better. Certainly Rotation Thursdays at Cafe Lura now stands well on its own as a qualified drum&bass weekly.