Photo album 2002.10.31
Redmoon All Hallow's Eve Ritual Celebration (since 1995) at Logan Square.
Yearly all ages community spectacle, theatre, drums, tribal, performance, fire thing attended by many thousands. Interactive stations explore your understanding of death, grief, and change. Photographer's editorial: "The main spectacle was fenced off and my strongest flash just wouldn't hit it. It's no longer free ($5) and the whole area was fenced off, with a second fence around the main spectacle. The local bar is now charging $7 cover to get in on that night, real f-kn cold. So we packed up and hit the Map Room for free. This was by far the best Redmoon I have ever witnessed. Phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. They are growing and refining the troop. The main spectacle had a sound system, and was at the level of Blue Man Group meets Burning Man. They have picked up a sound that can take them places. They have refined the weird drums, horns, screeching, added keyboards, and I think some sound loops too. The spectacle was the stage, and it towered 75 feet up with large painted horns, and musicians in harnesses with pulleys raising and lowering themselves to the instruments 50 feet up in seconds. The girl was singing from inside of a giant bird cage that would swing back and forth. They used welding equipment to set off huge fire balls at the top and sides. A dozen or so fire dancers covered the square. All of this is why they had the second fence up. I look to see this event become even bigger in the years to come. Burning Man was once free, now it's... over $100?? Next year Halloween is on a Friday, this thing is going to get big."
Author:Dan Townson