Photo album 2008.02.01
Ottavio Canestrelli memorial.
One night only celebration of the life of Ottavio Canestrelli (1970.03.22-2008.01.16); clown, acrobat, actor, parent, friend. Performance and benefit for his daughter, Catherine. Featuring dazzling circus performances and stories of Ottavio. This sudden loss shocked Chicago's Circus Vaudeville Clowning community. Just last month I told him sincerely that I've seen lots of clowns and he was among the very very best. Literally one of the world's best present-day acrobatic comedic performers. His one man play "Clown Without a Circus" was unparalleled. Rest in peace. The Actors Gymnasium, 773/764-2896, 927 Noyes St, Evanston IL.