Photo album 2008.11.01
"Homecoming Dance...of DEATH!" at Aloft (Aerial Dance) Loft.
Benefit party for circus arts center w/ band, snax, drinx, performances, dance, more. Top-notch and innovative circus acts interwoven in prom-of-the-dead party with costumed audience and cast mixing at ALoft. Every act including bartending, catering, band, hoops, adagio, silks, juggling, Lyra and clown were nearly perfect, showing high-order skills and planning. This is not just a place to train, but a group worth hiring. More photos here.

"Homecoming Dance...of DEATH!" at Aloft.
Spiders, accidentally caused an asterisk on my long vegetarian record.

"Homecoming Dance...of DEATH!" at Aloft.
Slacker and Trench Coat Mafia.