Photo album 2010.02.11+01.15
Recent Susan Hooper performances.
including Girlie-Q, For the Love of Guilty Pleasures, Two of Hearts, at Hamburger Mary's Attic on 2010.02.11, and Hot & Heavy Burlesque, Tribute to The Wall, Worms, at Viaduct Theater on 2010.01.15.
My compliments ladies on the fantastic and inexpensive shows!


"Two of Hearts" Burlesque
Girlie-Q, For the Love of Guilty Pleasures. On 2010.02.11 at Hamburger Mary's Attic. "Two of Hearts" performance by Susan Hooper.

"Waiting for the Worms" performance
Hot & Heavy Burlesque's grand full album tribute to the Pink Floyd classic "The Wall" album. On 2010.01.15 at Viaduct Theater. "Waiting for the Worms" performance by Susan Hooper.