Other Uncategorized (mostly older) photos.

Other Photo: 2001.06.12 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2001.06.12
John the bartender at Bailey's in Park Ridge. Check out the tie!

Other Photo: 2001.03.07 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2001.03.07
Charybdis friends Julie and Cathy catch Red One at Bass By The Pound's Seminar at Big Wig,

Other Photo: 2001.01.23 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2001.01.23
Thanx for the photo DanQ!

Other Photo: 2000.12.03 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.12.03
The spectacular Toys For Tots motorcycle parade (since 1978) claims to be the world's largest. This year drew some 20,000 bikers!!!

Other Photo: 2000.11.25 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.11.25
EyeCandy (a glowsticking site) crew at BoogieTribe's Music for the Masses rave at the Congress Theater.

Other Photo: 2000.10.31 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.10.31
This one made the rounds on people's email lists.

Other Photo: 2000.08.30 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.08.30
Subscriber Jeff, winner of the Tascam 244 recorder. Congrats Jeff!

Other Photo: 2000.08.01 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.08.01
Amazing stunt blading FLIPS off a RAMP into the LAKE!!! Luck, Nick, Pure, Jeff and Chris (Freeblade) raise the bar for all bladers.

Other Photo: 2000.06.22 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.06.22
Contributor Mark and Judi in my Star Trek shrine.

Other Photo: 2000.04.15 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.04.15
A nice Saturday out blaking (blading with a bicyclist). A stop at doggie beach, then mini-golf by architects and the new stained glass window exhibit at Navy Pier. These pictures taken with a $60 toy (320x200) digital camera.

Other Photo: 2000.03.27 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.03.27
Insectivores: Does my Pitcher Plant know that the Venus Flytrap has grown a flower?

Other Photo: 2000.02.20 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.02.20
Absinthe tasting at Delilah's hosted by bartender and expert Mike Miller.

Other Photo: 2000.01.29 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 2000.01.29
Good people Mark Riva and Kristin Shenkel throw a good party.

Other Photo: 1999.10.31 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 1999.10.31
A tiny piece of Redmoon's massive and breathtakingly deep Halloween performance piece.

Other Photo: 1999.04.11 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 1999.04.11
Visiting the world reknowned Higgins glass works and beautiful town hall in Riverside with mom and dad.

Other Photo: 1998.09.27 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 1998.09.27
Frances and Michael (foreground) fiftieth wedding anniversary, Michael's ninetieth birthday. Sisters Tabitha and Jenny.

Other Photo: 1998.08.01 (click to zoom)
Other Photo: 1998.08.01
Nephew Nicky is an excellent blader.

Chicago Abandoned Bike Tag (click to zoom)
Chicago Abandoned Bike Tag
Rarity discovered on a sidewalk, posted for reference.