Zoom Project

Visually zoom from the visible universe down to smallest possible object in 61 decimal places.
Art project in refinement for decades. Finally finished only in recent years when physics and astronomy made the outermost levels possible. Numbers represent very approximate meters across of main object in image using scientific notation where E denotes power of ten. These are reduced versions; contact me for inquiries about wall sized printed reproduction custom made for your location.

Observable Universe. 1.7E26m (click to zoom)
Observable Universe. 1.7E26m
About 18 billion light years expanse to horizon of physically visible space. Each dot represents one or more galaxies, over one million total. Foggy sections are obscured by the Milky Way.

Local Galactic Supercluster. 2.7E24m (click to zoom)
Local Galactic Supercluster. 2.7E24m
About 300 million light years across. Cluster of clusters of galaxies, centered on Virgo cluster. Each dot represents a galaxy, several hundred total.

Local Galactic Cluster. 9E22m (click to zoom)
Local Galactic Cluster. 9E22m
Segment about 10 million light years across. Showing over a dozen galaxies.

Galaxy Similar to Ours. 5.2E20m (click to zoom)
Galaxy Similar to Ours. 5.2E20m
NGC4414, about 56,000 light years across. Contains about 100 billion stars.

Local Star Clusters. 9.5E17m (click to zoom)
Local Star Clusters. 9.5E17m
NGC884/NGC869, about 100 light years across. Over 400 stars shown.

Sun. 1.4E9m (click to zoom)
Sun. 1.4E9m
About 1.4 million km in diameter, and 150 million km (1.5E11m) away.

Solar System. 2.5E8m (click to zoom)
Solar System. 2.5E8m
Relative sizes to scale, not distance. About 4.5 billion km (4.5E12m) to Neptune.

Earth. 1.3E7m (click to zoom)
Earth. 1.3E7m
Relative sizes to scale, not distance. 12,756km diameter. Moon is 3,476km diameter (3.5E6m) averaging 384,400km (3.8E8m) orbit.

North America. 4E6m (click to zoom)
North America. 4E6m
About 4,000km across.

Chicago. 4.5E4m (click to zoom)
Chicago. 4.5E4m
About 45km shown, centered vertically on Waveland.

Neighborhood. 5E2m (click to zoom)
Neighborhood. 5E2m
Lakeview East. About 500m shown.

Apartment. 1E1m (click to zoom)
Apartment. 1E1m
Under 10m max.

Self. 2E0m (click to zoom)
Self. 2E0m
Point of recursive self inclusion. Closest panel to actual size. Crossover where scale inverts.

Cells. 2E-5m (click to zoom)
Cells. 2E-5m
Micrograph of retinal neurons and supporting cells. Averaging 20 micrometers long.

Molecules. 9E-9m (click to zoom)
Molecules. 9E-9m
Hydrocarbon. Section about 9 nanometers across. Scanning Tunneling Electron Micrograph rendering.

Instantons. 1.6E-35m (click to zoom)
Instantons. 1.6E-35m
Visualized cloud of minimum topologically nontrivial fields in Euclidean space. Plank Length realm of smallest meaningful quanta size.

Zoom Project: Wall Prints (click to zoom)
Zoom Project: Wall Prints
2E0m (over 6ft wide)