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Revision history -2001.04.15 v

2001.04.12: Put ChicagoRaver on line. Implemented photos search. Implemented off-site media links search. Implemented deep linking to TicketMaster. Implemented notes linking from events/places to forum. Installed UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board) as new forum engine.
2001.04.04: CHICAGOFUN ANNIVERSARY PARTY at Charybdis. Free guestlisting offered. All drum&bass. Over 100 attended. Two smiley cakes served. Dan Townson photographed. NEW TOLL FREE EVENTS HOTLINE introduced, 866-300-4FUN
2001.03.27: "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" headline discussed. Great photo album from robotics competition at NorthWestern. NEW *NOW* CALENDAR introduced. Shows events of all types today and tomorrow including ongoing ones. PALM VERSION OVERHAULED, Incorporates newsletter and master list in one channel. Splits newsletter to individual day pages. WEB PHONE ACCESS SIMPLIFIED, No longer requires email address login. PAGER/CELL VERSION GOING STRONG. NEW CARD DESIGN nearing finalization. Dan Townson contributed art.
2001.03.15: Newsletter network feature put on-line.
2001.01.31: Brew&View passes giveaway. PAGER/CELL VERSION introduced. ChicagoClubber/ChicagoFun online survey run.
2001.01.23: Last BrockOut coverage put online. "Valentine" horror movie passes giveaway. Clubber/Raver Toy Pack price reduced from $19.99 to $12.99.
2001.01.10: CHICAGOCLUBBER launched. Launch party at Charybdis.


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