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Favorite Retro Games
List of favorite retro video games, as saved on my RaspberryPi based retro gaming system. Many from personal experience, plus some historic notables, several related to bicycling and skating, and a few friend favorites.

Movies Related to Inline & Roller Skating
Notable movies having connections to inline or roller skating.

Bike Sound
Links and notes related to sharing a soundtrack between bicycles carrying speakers on group rides and ad hoc events.


Portland Radio Streams
Radio streams local to Portland Oregon.

Landlords Recommend Andrew
Continuous streaming radio shuffle of Andrew's greatest hits, time synchronized for all listeners.

PINGO - Pedalpalooza Bingo Cards
CyBell the Sentient Bike Bell
Electronic Bike Bell with many sounds, senses and feelings.

CyBell the Sentient Bike Bell (click to zoom)
Steve Warren
Steve Warren
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Andrew Bedno's selected photos of self.

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About the World Naked Bike Ride : Chicago
World Naked Bike Ride : Chicago
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