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French Romance Films
Research on best French romance films. Partly for fun, partly for language study.

2017.10.13 (wk1056)
Let the good times roll.

2017.10.06 (wk1055)
All jobs are temporary.

2017.09.29 (wk1054)

2017.09.22 (wk1053)
Put the phone down.

2017.09.15 (wk1052)
Nothing but blue skies.

2017.09.08 (wk1051)
Don't mellow my harsh.

2017.09.01 (wk1050)
Not all who wander are lost.

Burning Man Webcast
"Camp Envy" is everyone who's watching Burning Man from afar.

Burning Man Webcast
2017.08.25 (wk1049)
You might die.

Chicago Critical Mass 2017.08.25
"Tortoise and Hare" mass, art/route by Steven Lane.

Chicago Critical Mass 2017.08.25 (click to zoom)
2017.08.18 (wk1048)
You'll never be the same.

2017.08.11 (wk1047)
Come as you are.

Chapter 4
The Last of the Spirits.

Chapter 3
The Second of the Three Spirits

Chapter 2
The First of the Three Spirits

Chapter 1
Marley's Ghost

Chapter 5
The End of It

A Christmas Carol
The classic Charles Dickens tale.

Holiday Recipes
Over 35 holiday classics of every sort.

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