Version 7.0 Announced!

"Advanced Content Management System"
Andrew is proud to announce release of his Advanced Content Management System version 7.
This version adds virtually all improvements ever planned, and fixes every known bug.
The following major areas were effected: searches overhauled and integrated, bugs in membership system fixed, page style and control overhauled, full comments search added, slideshow and bid/buy features added to photos, more.

  • Major fixes to membership handling including join and remove, login reminder, nickname create and password change. Biggest bug was cannot login if password blank, effected many new signups.
  • Upgrade to style management, including change to use style sheet, visual overhaul, and background image capabilities. Created new high quality schemes, settled on suite of darker blues.
  • Dramatically overhauled front page. Now all areas are shown dynamically (but without SQL lookup). Events, photos, members, media, blog, all blocks are live. Also improved all element width and height control, keeping minimum required page width (before scrollbar appears) quite narrow.
  • Accompanying overhauls to all pages to unify style control and use on all forms, headings, dims, alerts, body, etc., even external cgi's such as chat.
  • Also many many many improvements to admin programs. Software is probably among the best in existence.
  • Upgraded photo albums and zooms to auto-format hyperlinks in captions.
  • Added buy/bid form (and back-end processing and PayPal integration) in photos, allowing sale from any zoom. Also improved slideshow, adding faster/slower options. Also improved watermarking, now handles any specified photographer, as well as offsite credits such as mapquest.
  • Upgrades to massmailer adding priority and return receipt capabilities to Outlook users. Still no rich mail or attachments.
  • Improved all events searches, adding terse and detailed modes, as well as start day of week and range options for special weekend calendar. Cease custom generation of specialty calendars, replaced with live queries.
  • Ceased domain, moving content to and overhauled. Maps and satellite views remain among the best in existence.
  • Automated newsletter issue numbering in calendar system. Also improved past archiving and indexing.
  • Automated bounce processing, automatically logs returns, flags as failed on specified count and frequency criteria.
  • Log summary reporter now also generates a "live site statistics" insert, which appears on the advertising info page.
  • Moved hosting to courtesy of (from courtesy of Finally got (mobile subdomain) and cron functions working again, first time in many months.
  • Updated media index adding bloggers and fotki and cawtech and local amateurs and others.
  • Added full text search in postings areas such as comments, articles, etc. Also improved keywords topic site search.
  • Better unified and integrated all searches. Also improved multi-site search significantly.
  • Added basic BLOG ("web LOG") feature, at editor's approval, selectively posts subjects of recent posting to left bar of master page template.
  • Added popularity tracking and insert generation to event detail lookup.
  • Added media (audio/video/avi/mpg/...) attachment capability to photos.
  • Added new feature allowing members to mark/unmark any event to add to their personal calendar. Others can then view another's personal calendar from that friend's Bio page.
  • Added V-CAL (.vcs) export link to event detail/invite view, allowing immediate upload to organizer, PIM and Outlook users.
  • Added calendar style view (week grid) option to event listings. Works with any search or filter.
  • Added pagination to all postings displays (articles, comments, links, etc). Splits by number of records, or total text size, or specified range or individual record number. Shows links to older/newer posts in same category.