Version 8.0 announced!

Membership System Improvements
User highlights:
* Added true age range specific calendars, changing from manually editor marked selection to automatic by age range field.
* Increased member photo spots from 0-5 to 0-10.
* Added member photo albums capability.

Of geek interest:
* Converted most remaining Perl programs to PHP, including newsflash maintenance, places search, media search and forward and webcams, photo search, past search, events search, offsite search, chat, radio, ad redirector, times and ticket offsite redirectors, maps redirector (also changed from mapquest to Yahoo).
* Internally changed to use wrappers for all hrefs, img src, etc urls. Allows true configurable use for multiple domains, and prepares for richmail content.
* Implemented intelligent "404" (page not found) error handling. Guesses and redirects for many near matches, or displays find form. Also logs bad url used and refering page.

* Made meta-tags page name specific, improving search engine results.
* Changed order or join process, allowing incomplete Bio until deeper functions used.
* Refined and improved style-sheet handling, adding more background/reverse capabilities.
* Improved restricted photo support.
* Fixes to weather and offsite search.
* Fixes to member photo uploads, including temp file capture and truecolor processing.
* Add refering domain to logging and to summary report.
* Improved event submit form, fixing last form that used "back" to correct errors.
* Overhauled places database system, and added an admin editor.
* Moved assorted fun personal files to comments and article forums, including jokes, and relationship links.